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spring sale
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happy sunday

jennifer judd-mcgee

spring has been late to land in downeast maine this year, but as of this weekend i think it’s safe to say it’s finally arrived. everything is budding and greening up and i feel that nice sense of hopefulness and possibility.

i hope you’re enjoying your sunday.

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hello out there and happy spring to everyone! i’m sorry i haven’t been posting more here recently – work has been busy, which is good – but i need to get back to posting here more regularly.  i wanted to share a new drawing i finished this spring, called homestead. it’s been cold here in maine and slow to get green, or so it has seemed. this drawing is my way of saying ‘hurry up, we’ve missed you.’

homestead by jennifer judd-mcgee

i also want to say how sad i feel about recent events at the boston marathon. my thoughts are with everyone affected by it.

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all you need


a recent little drawing for fun. i have a love/hate relationship with valentines day, but the art loving part of me is fond of it most of the time.

and who could resist the valentine i received this morning?


happy valentines day everyone. <3

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more new designs at society6

society6cases_new_jan2013 copy

i continue to enjoy working with society6 and adding new iphone designs here and there. these are a few of the most recent ones.

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you are my favorite


valentines day is coming. just saying.

you are my favorite print here.

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happytown_lasercut_juddmcgeei am really excited to be able to offer my first limited edition run of lasercut papercut prints. this is one of my favorite papercuts of 2012, called happytown – and i have an edition of 25 prints of it. i’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and i’m really pleased with how they turned out.


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the view from here


i’ve got a messy desk, but i’ve been happily patternmaking today.

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new tiny papercuts

i’ve just finished up ten new tiny papercuts for nahcotta gallery’s enormous tiny art show 13. i am one of many artists from all over who are participating in this show – all 10×10″ or less in overall dimensions. the show will be up in the gallery for the month of february, and the work will be available online soon too. this show happens twice a year at nahcotta and it’s always a favorite to participate in and to purchase art from. some of the most loved art on the walls in my house have come from past tiny art shows.

you can see each individual little piece i made for the show here. etapapercuts_jjm_small.

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hello 2013


“hello, sun in my face. hello you who made the morning and spread it over the fields…watch, now, how i start the day in happiness, in kindness.”  -mary oliver


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here’s to a brand new year.


happy new year. thanks for visiting here from time to time.

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MTA Arts for Transit Poster

big thanks to my new york city pals who keep sending me photos of my poster this week. i think it just got hung up in the subway. this one was in brooklyn (thanks nat!) can’t wait to see it in person one of these days.

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